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Chelsea Colgrove:


"I would highly recommend ABC & LOL Daycare for anyone who is looking for exceptional daycare services. I have utilized ABC & LOL for approximately the last eight years for four children and will continue to use their services. ABC & LOL is a professional child care center focused on promoting optimal outcomes for all children they serve. At my daughter’s very first parent-teacher conference, her teacher informed me that whatever we have been doing to get her ready for kindergarten was certainly working and to continue doing it. I cannot take that credit, it was all ABC & LOL and their knowledgeable staff.


Communication has always been effective. Whenever I had a question for staff members, I always have received a prompt and professional response. ABC & LOL has gone above and beyond. When I was postpartum, ABC & LOL provided transportation from my home for my daughter so I would not need to pack a newborn. They are always extremely accommodating to my family’s needs. The staff is a second family for us. Some staff members have watched all four of my kids grow through the years. They have celebrated holidays with our family and invited my children to birthday parties. I cannot express enough how amazing they are and how appreciative we are for all that they have done and continue to do.”

Ashley Gerrish:

“After taking a tour of the facility by the director/owner on a weekend, ABC & LOL was an easy decision to us to send our girls to them. ABC & LOL displays a family culture. The low turnover and involved director/owner allows for a supportive community to thrive at ABC & LOL. They exemplify a loving and caring environment, where children feel safe and parents are reassured their children are in good hands. Teachers employ the desire in children to thrive through exploration learning. The certified and trained teachers are attuned to child development, looking for ways to aid in growth and development.”

Caryn Everett:

“From day one, ABC & LOL has been a reliable and caring place for my baby to spend time. As a new mom, the transition back to work is not an easy one. It can be a bit scary to entrust the care of your child to others, but ABC & LOL has made me feel very comfortable every step of the way. They have always been very welcoming to me as a parent and have treated my child - and all the other kiddos - with the individual attention and care that we know helps children to grow and thrive. Once, when my baby was having a rough day, they called me to check in and chat about what could be done to help her. It’s little things like this which really inspire confidence as a parent and make me happy that we chose ABC & LOL!”

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