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positive behavior support

Positive Behavior Support provides a process to understand and resolve the problem behavior of individuals or children that is based on values and empirical research. It offers an approach to develop an understanding of why the child engages in problem behavior and strategies to prevent the occurrence of problem behavior while teaching the child new skills. Positive behavior support offers a holistic approach that considers all factors that have an impact on a child and the child’s behavior. It can be used to address problem behaviors that range from aggression, tantrums, and property destruction to social withdrawal.

Over the last three decades there have been significant advancements in PBS in its use with diverse populations and with both individuals and within programs and systems.  Today, the term PBS is used to describe the implementation of a broad approach to provide the supports needed to achieve basic lifestyle goals while reducing the challenging behavior that might impede those goals.  PBS can be applied with individuals, within schools and school districts (i.e., school-wide PBS) and within early childhood programs (i.e., program-wide PBS).

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