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Children are 1/3 of our population
And all of our future

ABC & LOL Child Care Center & Preschool creates a curriculum that focuses on exploration, discovery, creative expression, exciting adventures, and social as well as emotional well-being.

We believe that self-confidence is at the core of meaningful learning, and therefore, we provide unique opportunities through supported learning situations that promote positive experiences.  We recognize the value and importance of each “day family” member, and will provide a safe and welcoming environment for your little one(s).

We open heartedly strive to instill open and supportive communication between staff members, you as the parents/guardians, and your child.  We look forward to your smile each and every morning, learning of your child’s hopes and dreams… And doing everything we can to support and create success on every level!


Thanks for submitting! We will reach back out to you as soon as we are able.

Regards, the ABC & LOL Team

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